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Sorta kinda classical guitar.

Historical Americana: 1854 composition by D. E. Jannon played on 1890 parlor guitar.

The mood of this piece is fast, light, jittery. Like baby chicks. Or attention deficit disorder.

The original for this set of recordings is "LucasGonze-AnnaWaltz 49 s plus 2s fade." Use that one if you want foreground listening. The rest are remixes, cuts or modifications.

My idea is to provide a set of related sounds, like a blog theme or an icon pack. This isn't about any one recording, it's about having a stinger, a long thing for a voicever, a high quality thing for a fadeout, etc etc, all in the same show.

There are plenty of useful variations missing. For example it would be good to have a spaced-out/ weird variation. It would be good to have more little stingers. I'd welcome contributions from other Freesound creators.

Feedback on the idea and implementation would be helpful. Does it work? What could I have done differently?

  • Pack created on: Nov. 24, 2012, 8:40 p.m.
  • Number of sounds: 7
  • Number of downloads: 22

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    7 sounds