March 18th, 2023

The underwater summer sound of a small pond in a village in the Netherlands.
The cricket / rasping sound comes from a tiny water insect called Lesser Water Boatman, a backswimmer ( Micronecta Scholtzi, Corixa punctata ). One of the noisiest animals on earth compared to its body size. More info about how this animal makes this sound: https://www.biologicaldiversity.org/news/center/articles/2011/bbc-06-30-2011.html
Picture: Piet Spaans, CC BY-SA 2.5 < https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5 >, via Wikimedia Commons

The sound that resembles a dripping water tap is the sound of oxygen produced by the aquatic plants as a result of the sunshine. Sometimes gas also comes out of the bottom, but that is only for a short time.

The rattling sounds comes probably from a Notonectidae, a backswimmers because they swim "upside down". Many of you know him. See the picture below.

The slow scratching sound that resembles the scratching with your fingernails on wood is probably from an eating freshwater snail.
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Date/time: July 25th 2022, 13:43 PM

Location; water Vlaciepark, Engelen, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands (Holland), Europe GPS 51.71942 5.26948

Gear chain: two Aquarian Audio Hydrophones H2a XLR 3m in AB40 setup, 250cm deep; Tascam dr-100 Mk2. compression in Audacity.

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