May 11th, 2019

This is the composition ‘Conclusion’. A very surprisingly beautiful sung piece that I have recorded for this choir Driest. It is so beautiful that I want to make you happy with the piece. It is recorded in the small chapel that gives a great tiny demurely reverb.

Vocal quartet D R I E S T (Ien Bouwmans - soprano, Lieve van Tuijl - mezzo-soprano, Peter Cornelissen - tenor, Peter Ruiter - bass-baritone) founded in September 2015, sings songs by composer / writer: Frans van Hoek. Frans van Hoek could have been born this way in the 17th century. His highly perspective and at the same time melancholic writing style, makes that his polyphonic music in Renaissance or Baroque style, extends to this time. Like a reverse time machine ....

Whether this choir also sings abroad, I do not know, but say for yourself, music is nice.

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/driestvocaalkwartet.nl/
web: https://ienbouwmans.com/d-r-i-e-s-t/

Date/time: April 13th 2019

Location; Oude Lambertuskerk, De Kerkhof 6, Engelen (Den Bosch), Noord-Brabant, Netherlands (Holland), Europe

Gear chain: Sennheiser mkh30/50 MS, in Rycote cyclone small > Sound Devices 302 >Tascam dr-100 Mk2. Decoded Mid-side to STEREO

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NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE WITHOUT PERMISSION OF THE CHOIR DRIEST. See there facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/driestvocaalkwartet.nl/ ) and the following lines.

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YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO CREDIT/ATTRIBUTE the choir Driest. Please do it like this if possible:
Thank choir Driest ( https://www.facebook.com/driestvocaalkwartet.nl/ )
©driest 2019 © Frans Van Hoek


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