August 14th, 2016

Skylark song slow down 10 times.

If a skylark is living for not more than 8 years and his heartbeat is 10 time quicker than ours than you could imagine that time goes 10 time slower for him than for us. When we try to catch this little bird he is gone at our first movement toward him. His brain must be ten time quicker than ours as well. We move in slow motion for the bird.
If so, his wife that listens to her partner singing must hear 'this' in stead of the fast high song he is singing. :-0 does she like it?
It sounds dramatic.

This idea is not mine but 'stolen' from a Dutch biologist named Thijs van Vuure.

In his video's on his website he sung what the bird was singing (now a Tit) and speeded it up 10 times.
He played his song for the bird and it reacts. GREAT.

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    kb7clx 2 years, 8 months ago

    Amazing sound as always, I love this stuff. Have you heard the veery slowed down? It'll blow your mind. It comes about a minute or so in in this video
    I have that particular call in a field guide on my computer, but since it's copyrighted I can't post it slowed down here, but the one in the vid is almost exactly the same song. Sounds like a classical piece from the 18th century.

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