March 5th, 2016

Ambient recording. Police Dog Takes Down Armed Suspect

Here is the ''false run'' practice of the K9-police dog in Holland.

This is a total control demonstration. A trained police patrol dog may presented with a series of threatening ore aggressive movement by an agitator and it is important that restrained is executed unless called to react.

Here a man with a gun is running away from the dog. The man shoots with a hand gun. The dog attacks the man. He trainer gives the commands.
Inspectors look if the dog and the officer act conform the protocol.

What you hear;
The agitator come from he right where he shoots his gun the first time. Than he runs away in frond of me and shoots again. The dog starts running from the right and attacks the agitator. The police dog trainer gives his Dutch commands in front of me.
There are several attack in this demonstration.

Opposite the field there is public standing at in front of the club home where music is playing on a low level. Sometimes a car passing slow.

Date/time: March 5th, 2016, 2 pm

Weather: clouded, wind E 0-1 bft, temp 5c, early spring day.

Location; maps 51.6673, 5.27548, Kanaalweg, Vught, Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands (Holland), Europe.

Gear chain: modified Rode NT4 XY and Rode NTG1, in Rode Blimp > Sound Devices 302 >Tascam dr-100 Mk2. Decoded Mid-side to STEREO, compressor, 80Hz low-cut.

This is a modern high quality -q10 (1500kbps) OGG Vobis compression file (48000Hz/16bit). You can easily use this file in HD-film and HIFI music-tracks. The sound-quality is, after this compression technique still very high. The file size reduction is about 75% of a 48/24 WAV-track. Decode to WAV with the free audio software Audacity.

RAW 96/24 MID-SIDE-file available on PM request. File-name: 160305_0861.wav

Thank police dog training center P.H.V. D.O.R. http://www.phvdor.com/ for this great afternoon.


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