May 26th, 2013

Religious procession.
Imagine: You are a guest in a Roman Catholic environment, down in Peru 1631. From behind a choir enters the church in procession, carrying the statue of the Holy Mother Maria, mother of God and they sing this beautiful song.
It's not a wonder that so many people became Catholic in these days.

This song 'Hanacpachap cussuininis' is attributed to JUAN PÉRES DE BOCANEGRA (1598-1631).

After the conquest of a large part of 'the new world'(Middle and south America) in the 16th century mainly by the Spaniards the Roman Catholic church wanted to convert the native people.
Several monastic order settled in the villages. Priests learned the local language and used the local music to bring there message. This is one of the first polyphonic songs of this region.

Lyrics (one of many versions) in the original Quechua language
Hanaq pachap kusikuynin
Waranqakta much'asqayki
Yupay ruru puquq mallki
Runakunap suyakuynin
Kallpannaqpa q'imikuynin

Uyariway much'asqayta
Diospa rampan Diospa maman
Yuraq tuqtu hamanq'ayman
Yupasqalla, qullpasqayta
Wawaykiman suyusqayta

Lyrics in English
Heaven's joy!
a thousand times shall we praise you.
O tree bearing thrice-blessed fruit,
O hope of humankind,
helper of the weak.
hear our prayer!

Attend to our pleas,
O column of ivory, Mother of God!
Beautiful iris, yellow and white,
receive this song we offer you;
come to our assistance,
show us the Fruit of your womb!

Choir: Capella Ducis ('s-Hertogenbosch, The netherlands)
Flute and drum: Quercus quartet ('s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands)
Conductor : Frans van de Loo
location: St. Lambertuskerk, Torenstraat 1, Rosmalen, The Netherlands (Holland).
Date: May 25th 2013
Rode NT4 > Sony PCM D50 (unprocessed). Microphone in front of the church.

Thank Harke from Capella Ducis for the permission to upload this recording (CC BY-NC 3.0) of me to freesound.org. I hope many of you like it.

Capella Ducis: http://www.capelladucis.nl/
Quercus quartet: http://www.jannekebron.nl/48040674

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    this is mindblowing, postmodern rite

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    I am breathless. Thank you.

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    Very useful.


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