March 3rd, 2013

The down-town begins 300 m from here. I'm standing in the pasture early March. As far as I know, there is no down-town so close to the fields (see geaotag)in Europe, but I could be wrong. The traffic just behind the old city-wall.
People let there dog's (and kids ;-) out here.
Cause it's cold and cloudy between winter and spring there are not many birds around. The carillon (bells) of the st. Jan's cathedral and the far city-hall give this recording the image of a city in the distance. Sometimes the trains (left) are audible. Even the audio signal of the traffic-light 300m away is there. And the two planes are for free.
I know this is a long recording, but I like to listen to the details. Hope you like it too.
Short recording here

Time table (everything far):
general; far people traffic and a few birds
00.00 13.08 22.57 28.02 29.32 bells and/or carillon
02.07 12.15 16.50 18.05 plane high altitude
02.53 05.55 11.43 18.00 22.17 30.35 car horn(s)
07.56 15.20 traffic-light ticker
14.04 small dog barking
14.47 20.10 train

history of the waters around the city
In the Middle Ages' the city of s-Hertogenbosch was an almost impregnable fortress. The city was built on a low sandy hill in the wetlands, which was wet with the rivers 'Dommel' and 'Dieze'. In 1579 the Spaniards still managed to take the city.'s-Hertogenbosch became a Catholic stronghold. Frederick Hendrik in 1629 called in the help of the famous water-engeneer Leeghwater. Thanks to his dike system the land could be insinuated (flooded) and so the people of 's-Hertogenbosch got back the city into their own hands. Through the work of Leeghwater the area I'm standing named 'Bossche Broek' became a controllable wetland, a marshy parkland area along the lower reaches of the river Dommel.
These days the area still can be flooded when the surrounding rivers (Maas, Aa, Dieze and Dommel)are to high.

Recorded: March 2 2013 2.30-3 pm, Singelgrachtweg, Bossche Broek, 's-Hertogenbosch. Holland (Netherlands).
Weather: wind 0-2 bft between W – NEN, temp 3c, cloudy.
Gear: Rode NT4 (batt. Power) in Rode Blimp > Sony PCM D50. Edit: Audacity freeware.

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more recording here search: Bossche Broek


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