February 6th, 2013

Strange recording at riverside with 2 piezoelectric microphones.
See the setting in the picture.

I bought some 5cm piezo elements. Connected them to a 10 m long stereo-cord that i have split so I can put the piezos 4 m from each other. I recorded at the riverside. (See picture)

I connected the piezos in a gap (1cm deep) of every fence-pole, 3 meter from each other. so, the piezos are 4 cm out of the pole. Between the poles a barbed wire is stretched. The wind was blowing a little and I'm 8 meter from the edge of the river.

The result is very remarkable.

What you hear;
1] the wind in the barbed wire and also the wire to the recorder.
2] the geese. That is remarkable because that must be a direct sound-registration by the air. after 4.05 minutes I even hear a church-bell opposite the river.
3] a high frequency hum (around 3800 Hz, low level), could be interference from G3 telephone network or something, or noise from my equipment. I do not know for sure.
4] the waves of the river sometimes, could be a combined registration trough the poles and trough the air.
5] a ship passing after 8.41 minutes. Do I hear the marine propeller of the ship though the water and the ground?

Whatever I hear I like the result is anyway. I hope you do to.

My conclusion: These open piezos are fun to experiment with. I love the unexpected combination of direct air and pole recording.

Tips (WARNING) of the day:
1] Do never experiment with a cord like this during an unstable day. So even if you think it could be thundering 20 km away, your equipment could be electrocuted by a faraway lightning!! This cord is a great antenna and that's a serious risk.
2] Never hit a piezo to hard, the effective voltage can rise easy op to more than 5 volts AC on by serious hit. Your input of your recorder does not survive that!!. So first connect the piezo to the surface you will record on and than connect the plug in your recorder. Start recording at level ZERO.

Search on KLANKBEELD PIEZO for more results.

Two piezo (contact) microphones > Sony PCM D50, no processing.
recorded: river Maas, near village Bokhoven, Holland

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    A.Take 3 months, 4 weeks ago

    that work is crazy! good job!!!

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    kb7clx 4 years, 2 months ago

    Amazing sound, and I swear I heard some little birds in there too.

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    martian 4 years, 4 months ago

    incredibly cold recording! could be so many things- some parts could be wind down a chimney

  • avatar
    mkhimji 4 years, 6 months ago

    thanks for this!

  • avatar
    erikfors 4 years, 9 months ago

    amazing, works as a blizzard heard form indoors, creepy

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