January 12th, 2013

Wonderful ambiance of a pine-forest (90%), winter, daytime (11.30 pm), Holland, 7c, 0-2 bft. Railway far on 700 meters.

What you hear;
General; general forest ambience / hum with woodpeckers searching for foods, ticking softly on the trees. Sometimes you hear them call far away. A few other wood-birds. The deep hum sounds of electric trains far away coming closer.
03.00 – 03.20 someone walking over the path
06.12 – 07.29 electric train passing
08.00 – 10.30 diesel fright train passing (listen to the deep low-frequence humming)
11.30 – end; low-level, high altitude planes
14.00 – end; increasing wind in the high tops of the trees
16.40 – 17.28 very far church-bells
18.34 – 23.00 very far cows moo sometimes
20.35 – 22.03 far electric engine train passing
26.27 far woodpecker calling
27.30 – 29.17 far electrical train passing
30.00 - end far electrical train passing

Between the village Boxtel, Oisterwijk and Oirschot, province Noord-Brabant in Holland is a nature area called Kampina. It's a mixture of woods, moorland and stream valley's and is 1200 hectare wide. It's a silence area, what means that the general noise is below 34dBA. Very quiet for Dutch concept but never without human made noise.
google.nl/maps 51.580327,5.27937
mixed forest Kampina, Huisvennen, Boxtel, Holland (the Netherlands)
temp 7c, wind W 0-2 bft, 1013 hPa, clouds, mic direction W
January 10th 2013, start 11.50 am
Pictures of the area: http://www.ruudpeters.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=2731

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    teuast 3 years, 10 months ago

    Amusingly, this sound has become the background of a 3D animated scene set in the desert of New Mexico.

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