November 13th, 2012

Driving gigs in Zeeland Holland
A gig is a two-wheeled (antique) car, after a tense horse. The gig are a husband and wife (and sometimes children) in Zeeland costume.
The man ment the horse, the woman tries to ring the stabbing with the lance. The man sends the horse trotting on the trail where the road three to four rings above the road in a bus hanging iron. It's about as many rings stabbing, it's not about the speed with which this happens, although the horse is trotting in the ring to stabbing.
The buggy and the horse must be decorated. Decorations may only "living" material not with artificial flowers or something The combination of the decorated gig, a decorated horse and riders dressed in traditional costume is a beautiful sight.
Lance B is used for driving gigs. This tube is shorter and lighter in weight than those in ring A lance drive is used.
Stabbing in the ring has a diameter of 38 mm. At the camps, the diameter of the ring, however, be reduced to a minimum of 10 mm. If the ring is inserted, it should immediately be thrown back by the lance. The ring is usually 3 or 4 during the run in a metal socket on a rope between two poles (at the Zeeland, "the money gers"). For some games can only go two rings are inserted, such as the annual demonstration in Burgh. The distance between the bottom of the bus and the road is driving gigs at 2.10 meters.
Demonstrations is often a farmer drove round. This means that the roles are switched: the woman is driving and the man should try to move the ring to take on the lance. Such a farmer round sometimes leaves very surprising results.
When a pair of gigs at the end of the day has put the same number of rings is the ultimate winner of the day is who gekampt. The gigs pairs camps like the ring riding a shrinking ring. The normal show ring is 38 mm diameter. When facing one begins with a ring of 32 mm diameter. Whom this ring (no longer) cross drops out, who is allowed to insert further into camps, the ring becomes smaller. Of 32 goes to 26 mm, then to 20 mm, 14 mm than ending up in the smallest ring of 10 mm.
Most participants in the ring and run gigs are from the former island of Walcheren Walcheren costumes, making the most worn clothing during demonstrations and competitions. But of course, contributing members of South Beveland Arnemuiden Nieuwland gestation or in their region or village common.
At every race there are gigs (volunteer) staff. First there is a path Commissioner responsible for proper procedures during the race gigs. Furthermore, each time a ring pendant ring, the ring hanging on the bus. Per ring, there are usually two authors: one for keeping score on a large blackboard and a stand at the paper. Put a ring means a vertical line, a missed ring a horizontal line. The double letter also stops errors in counting the rings inserted per participant.
Then there is the end of the trail a collection plate where one or two writers of the total balance for each participant write down each round. The participants themselves at the end of the round by how many rings they have crossed the road. Incidentally, this number at the end of the day or checked with the state that the authors have written with each ring. Tampering, by the participating couples is not possible.
A speaker is present, the public and the participants constantly informed of what's happening.
Written by: www.ringrijden.nl

Pictures ( http://www.westkapelle.com/en/recreatie-en-sport/sjezenrijden )

Recorded 2010, Vebenabos, Zeeland, Holland

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