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The Benefits of Using a Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers are becoming an increasingly popular device to use in the kitchen. They are convenient, easy to use and produce fast and quality cooking. Let's go into detail on the main benefits to using this machine.

Benefit 1 - Faster Cooking

This tends to be the main benefit why most people use pressure cookers. With these you can cook food extremely fast as a relationship exists between pressure and temperature. The higher the pressure inside a closed container, the easier it is to raise the temperature. As the pressure is increased, the temperature naturally gets hotter. Furthermore, heat is pressed into the food in a pressure cooker for faster cooking.

If you are short on time and want to whip up a decent meal, a pressure cooker is just the device for the job.

Benefit 2 - Nutrient Retention

All cooking processes will cause food to lose some of its nutrients, so it's just a matter of minimizing the damage. Conventional steaming to some extent will cause nutrients and vitamins to leak, and boiling food is a big no-no as the water draws out even more nutrients, especially water-soluble vitamins. Ovens require a greater cook time.

So the key for nutrient retention is to use as little time and water as possible during the cooking process. Because pressure cooking is a fast process, and it uses little water, this is an ideal cooking method for your foods to keep their health benefits.

Benefit 3 - Ease of Use

Pressure Cooking does not have this advantage over all other cooking methods, but it does for most of them. These devices are easy to operate, clean and maintain. The only thing you need is some water and you are good to go. No messy pots and pans to clean, and no waiting for the oven to preheat.

Benefit 4 - Uniform Cooking

Because the heat tends to penetrate the food thoroughly during pressure cooking, your food will be cooked uniformly. You don't have to worry about parts of your food being overcooked and other portions undercooked. When you bake or broil you food, either the bottom half or top half will cook first. Grills have a tough time cooking food evenly because that is the nature of them with flame cooking. If you are strict about wanting your food to be cooked evenly, a pressure cooker is the way to go.

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