April 16th, 2016

Pointing the Colorino at the light above my desk. The Pitch rises sharply from the resting level as I turn on the light. Slight movements of my hand give it more or less light, so the pitch varies. When it's pointed directly at the light it receives more than it can handle, like pegging a physical meter, it can't go any higher, so the AC modulation of the light isn't reflected in the tone anymore. When I turn off the light the pitch drops sharply to resting level = no light.
The Colorino Talking Color Identifier and Light Probe produces a tone when you hold down the light probe button. It's a pocket sized 2-in-1 unit, which is a Color Identifier/Light Detector for the blind and colorblind. The stronger the light source, the higher the pitch. The more light it receives, the higher the pitch. So you can vary the pitch by moving and turning it.
Recorded from line-in on my desktop using Goldwave. Low-pass filter was applied to lock out the 16khz sampling frequency.


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Wave (.wav)
8.4 MB
44100.0 Hz
16 bit
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