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I'm a composer, producer, musician, and graduate student currently studying music cognition and human development. I joined the free sound project in 2007, as a requirement for my undergraduate electronic music class. While I've had an account for over a decade, it was not until recently that I've taken a more active role in uploading original sounds to share. On my page, you'll find a sampling of samples (pun intended) featuring sounds from past projects (e.g., sounds found on old external HDs) and new sounds from more recent projects.

You're welcome to use any of my sounds; I hope they are helpful. If you do, please PM me or comment on the sound with a link to your project - I'd love to hear how you used them!

Give a little; take a little.

Thank you, Free Sound.

freezegelman's latest sounds

  • Currently /5 Stars.

A one-shot FX that sounds like a submarine siren submerged underwater. I believe I made this thing using old plugins ...

  • Currently /5 Stars.

A one-shot snare hit that sounds like its been submerged underwater or from a submarine. I believe I made this ...

  • Currently /5 Stars.

A one-shot that sounds like a digital splash of water. I believe I made this thing using old plugins from ...

  • Currently /5 Stars.

A series of one-shot snare hits that sound like droplets of water. I believe I made this thing using old ...