July 7th, 2013

The Garden
The garden around you is gorgeous, with bright sunshine from the clear blue sky warming your face and body through the light cotton shift, the only item of clothing you are wearing, soft short grass luxurious beneath your bare feet and the scents of a hundred different flowers and plants in the air - soft, herbal scents from the fragrant herbs along the border; lavender, pineapple sage, basil. Shrubberies nearby add their fragrances - gardenias, lilacs ...

Birdsong calls to you from the bottom end of the garden. A blackbird, calling from the top of a tree in the forest just past the border of the garden. You go towards the forest, following the musical sound of the bird, your body warmed by the sun, the smooth fabric of your cotton shift gently brushing your skin, the cool grass caressing the soles of your feet ...

You pass close by the pergola, and the sound of the bubbling water as it flows along the channel, trickling, chuckling, gently relaxes and cools your body as you continue to walk slowly towards the forest and the birdsong. Wind gently rustles the trees, adding to the trickling sound, the birdsong, the scent of pine from the wood you are closing in on, the aroma of lilacs and lavender, grass underfoot, cotton shift, bare feet, warm sun, bare skin, cool shade, relaxed body, sage scent, woodpecker rattle from the tree line, rustling branches, cool breeze ...


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