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Creating the perfect beat is a skill that has been crafted into the genius that is Eclectic. Raised in Waterbury, CT, Eclectic, born Trenton Eleque James, didn't always find the art of music producing to be easy. What many of his fans and music associates are unaware of is that he suffers from Social Anxiety Disorder,and has struggled with the disorder since his pre-school years. As if having to go through growing pains wasn't enough, from a very early age Eclectic was having to test numerous medications and attend counseling in hopes that it would aid him in achieving normalcy. Feeling outcasted in his own mind, Eclectic escaped to the sounds of N.E.R.D. and songs by The Neptunes while trying to cope with his already-stressful life as a high-schooler. The inspiration he grew from listening to N.E.R.D. was all it took to make Eclectic feel like he was capable of achieving greatness, even though he knew he was different from everyone else. Initially dabbling on his PS2 MTV Music Generator, local producers could still see great potential in the unique ear that Eclectic had for making beats. With renewed motivation, Eclectic purchased his first keyboard and taught himself how to manouver a recording program until the process was no longer foreign to him. Day and night, Eclectic tirelessly attacked beat after beat, too afraid to sleep for worries that he'd miss an opportunity at creating another hot track. Admiring the details and suprises that The Neptunes always seemed to incorporate in their beats, Eclectic was simply not satisfied with looping his tracks. Instead, he mastered the art of chords and changeups, making each beat have its own flare, even until the fadeout. Eclectic sought to make stories and create visions with his beats, not just have "hot sound". This attention to detail is what has made Eclectic one of the most sought-after producers today. Still, even with the talent Eclectic exudes through his music, the visible signs of his Anxiety show on each arm and also resulted in several other scarring attempts across his body. "I'd rather live with one arm or one leg than have to live like this- in constant fear of everything; to live with Anxiety." When asked why he wanted the world to know about his disorder, Eclectic said it is because it's not something he should feel he has to hide. In order to cope with the disorder, Eclectic wants people to know who he really is. Through his everyday struggle he has exemplified what makes music such a powerful remedy to not only those who hear it, but also those who create it. Fans and music associates agree, Eclectic is the man to listen for because his diligence and commitment to the music artform are only going to excel him above and beyond. On his journey, those who haven't heard of him yet will learn that this brilliant producer epitomizes the identity that is "Eclectic

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