July 5th, 2012

Where we live the fireworks laws are pretty lax so people go crazy with them. Here is a recording from the day before independence day (yesterday) as people were blowing up part of their arsenal ahead of time.

In a few hours I will be recording as things get really crazy. Our neighbors on three sides will light off the thousands of dollars of fireworks that they have purchased. Many of them are illegal (purchased from Indian Reservations) so there will be some BIG booms.

Back to this recording. It is recorded with my "fake head" binaural setup, hanging from a tripod at the crest of the garage roof. There is a tree a few feet away and a light breeze is rustling the leaves. Here is a bit of a timeline:

0:00 Kids across the street light off a few fireworks
4:05 The neighbors across the street were having a party, and the guests begin to leave.
6:30 The guest of honor honks and yells "Love You" as she drives away.
8:00 The kids across the street go inside. Now all you hear are fireworks in the distance, all over town.
32:17 Someone lights what must be a million firecrackers. They continue until 51:20 - 19 minutes!!!


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    djlessandro 3 years, 3 months ago


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    daveincamas 8 years, 2 months ago

    I forgot to mention that I tried to upload the WAV but it failed 3 times (600MB). If there is a particular section that you'd like me to upload, post a comment here.

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