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Many years ago I made a 130 foot zipline in our backyard for the kids to play on. The kids are pretty much grown now, and we are turning our backyard into a food forest. I planted many climbing plants under the zipline, so that I could use it as a trellis to support the plants. Before I tied the plants to the zipline (and thus retire it forever), I made a few final runs and recorded them for you.

When you tap on the cable it makes an interesting space laser sound, but unfortunately it was really tough to mic that so the laser sound is not real clear. But I'm sure someone here could work their effects magic to make something cool.

At the bottom of the zipline there is a shock absorber made from two wheelbarrow tires. When you hit those, you swing up toward the cable, then roll backward for a little ways. So in the recordings you hear acceleration, then a moment of silence (where I hit the tires), then slow deceleration as a move backward for a bit.

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    4 sounds

    4 sounds