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Date: July, the 4th., 2013
Time: 07:36 pm

My Name is Dennis and I´m 27 now. I was born in [HH]-Buchholz Nordheide (GER).
I lived in Lüneburg, Lüchow-Dannenberg and nearly 3 years in Berlin.
I´ve done civilian service and I found my home in Schleswig-Holstein.
I help people with IT-problems and I am dj and Composer/Producer.
I do stuff like building infrastructure and I do other important IT specialized projects like routing firewalls, Voip, Sip, VPN and other configurations. I´m learning it still and I like to help people in different ways.

(((Passed Events)))
June/3rd/2013 = DaTwilightZ is Live On Air. Where? By radio-gaarden with different music and moderation. It´s in german. 3pm
It was the first show.

June/10th/2013 = DaTwilightZ is Live On Air. Where? By radio-gaarden with different music and moderation. It´s in german. 3pm

July/1st/2013 = DaTwilightZ is Live On Air with different Soundcloud Hits and Promotion.. Where? On the internet radio Radio-Gaarden.de with different music and moderation. It´s in german. from 3pm to 4pm

July/4th/2013 = I give my created samples from a LiveDrums-Recording to freesound.org and it´s under CreativeCommons for free music productions, but with credits. A Downloadpack I´ll create soon.

August/31th/2013 = Reggea party in Kiel (Where is the party?!) Please write a pm and I´ll invite you)

I´ve played Livedrums in school. 2001 I was in a Gospelchor. The first song I´ve played on the drums was Killing Me Softly from The Fugees. and later beatles and queen.

2002 I was the drummer in our Gothic-Rock-Band. Our name was Rebirth In Hell. We had 2 different Gigs in Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg and we´ve created 4 records together. The band died after, because we moved away from each other.

Since 2003 I produce with different DAW´s like Studio One, Cubase, Propellerhead Reason and Ableton Live.
I use Wavelab and Audacity for mastering and mixing.

Between 2003 and 2010 my productions were experimental stuff and techno like hardstyle, hardtrance, minimal, electro and other genre´s. I´ve created different tracks for Federation Of Technorocker. technorocker.info (New platform technoarea.info)

2010 I´ve started to produce Drum and Bass and my work is still in progress. ;) It will be a bomb to be on Stage if it is ready.

2011 A friend asked me to be a DJ in a little bar. I´ve mixed mainstream pop/rock-music for younger people with Traktor- and Virtual -DJ.
I was DJ´ing a lot in this year and I´ve played in the end of this year for middle-aged people on new year's eve. That was fun. The children danced to the first songs there and later of course the adults. The sound was going from ambient music like DEPHAZZ, Krautrock, Oldschool, Funk and older famous mainstream stuff.

2012 There was the first time I was really interested in the truth in our world and I´ve started to write lyrics for my own Hip Hop Beats. I still want to write politician rapsongs and politician influence in Reggae.

2013 I jam with new people in a band-room. I've started to sing, playing the drums again and I do beatboxing stuff to the drums or Cajon.
We´ve a bar and we want to create a reggae-event in the summer August 31th. (See Events)

Furthermore we develope a radio station.
If you want a little live-gig, or you just have other intentions example for music-productions or promotions or something else, please stop by or contact me/us. (redaktion@radio-gaarden.de)

For The Future:
I create unique Drum&Bass; and I´m the dj with tabla´s and other special mixing effects.
In the same
time I am mc for reggae-music.
I want to work with vinyls in a new way with new effects and new combinations. It´s a long process, but it´s my target.
My intent is to press my own vinyls and mix all my created dnb tracks in a really unique and special way together. Different friends and networks will help me to finish this things very clean. If you want to have influence in my sounds, please contact me and we´ll talk about and we do some things. If you help, then it could be, that it will have more vibes and it sounds more intelligent.

My E-Mail: dennis.hoffmann@gaarden.net
We do not tolerate fascism and and extreme politics.
If you feel something like love, truth and you are a peacefull warrior, then you´re on the right way. Truth is always bringing me the light. I am the light. The Universe is in everyone, but you have to remember only.
We live in a time with a lot of global influences/problems and the time to prepare yourself is now. Forget the past and the future. Your life is now and don´t forget the child in you. Do you want to look always video´s or do you want to live? :)
The Fusion of different genre´s is my power.
Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.
Please Leave A Comment On My Tracks and follow me!
Bless, Love and all my best to everyone.

This is written by:
DaTwilightZ aka Dennis

datwilightz's latest sounds

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This was a record with a simple recording with a mobilephone and reworked with a special reverb.

  • Currently /5 Stars.

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