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Damian Anache (1981) was born in Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is electronic technician (2000) and has a degree in electroacustic composition (2009) from the Quilmes National University (Arg). During 2010, he was given a grant by the investigation deparment of the UNQ, His tutor was the composition degree's principal, Mariano Cura. This grant was the first step in his ph.D. studies with Dr. Oscar Pablo Diliscia as his tutor (2011). Some of his works has been played in concerts and events at: “Conservatorio Santa Cecilia” (Rome, Italy), “Universidad Nacional de Córdoba” (Arg), “Museo de Arte Moderno de Ecuador” (Ecuador), “Centro Cultural de España en Buenos Aires” (Arg) and “Centro Cultural Recoleta” (Arg).