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I work in film in Los Angeles, California. I'm primarily an Assistant Locations Manager or a Locations Office Coordinator.

If you've seen James Wan's "The Conjuring", "Witches of East End", Stephen King's "Under the Dome", Nicholas Spark's "Safe Haven"...etc...then you already know a small portion of my work.

Lately, I have been recording a lot of atmosphere, background, and Foley sound effects for some private projects of my own.

If you have any requests for specific sounds I may be able to record for you in the Los Angeles area, let me know! I may be able to take a field trip for you! Of course, I will then upload here at a later date at no cost. No RUSH jobs!

As for giving me need at all! I understand how insane it actually is to give attribution for each and every little file you's just not feasible. So, like me, I bet you surf the "Creative Commons 0 License" files first!!! Smart move!!! ;)

So, no credit is necessary at all. However, if you put your project online later, I would dig seeing it! Give me a shout!

Christopher C. Courter - Burbank, CA

courter's latest sounds