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The Legendary George Van Tassel lived at Giant Rock out at a remote area located in the Mojave Desert during the early '50s, the 60s. This was a definitive time period of UFO discovery that was at the crossroads of a movement that acknowledged contact with Extraterrestrials Extra-Dimensional Super Sensible Entities or ESE’s. Between the ages of 4 to 10 years old this to this day with the continue to have numerous UFO sightings and contact with ESE’s that are inexpiable within and any linear terminology. Jeff Crawford was also living out there during this same time period also experienced multiple ESE experiences. One such experience near Joshua Tree California actually resulted in Jeff vanishing into thin air for two days. A U.S. Marine/San Bernardo Sheriff's joint search party found him wandering in the middle of the desert unaware and unharmed. Jeff have been experiencing the unexplained all of our lives while attempting to straddle the 3D world which not only provides empathy to this subject matter but for some very interesting perspective. The world has been living in an era of a mechanized material world that has deadened our collective memories that have inflicted a cognitive dissonance on the world's psyche. It is becoming more and more evident that this behavior is not sustainable but dangerous creating broad acceptance of sociopathic behavior. It is our mandate through the Giant Rock Podcast to help raise a higher level of consciousness by blunt and direct dialog in order to assist in the transition into the long-promised Aquarian Age. Giant Rock was at the epicenter of the early UFO contact movement and its legacy continues today. Music is universal and countless recording artists have made their way to Giant Rock and the Integratron. Many well-known artists have been inspired by this magical area and we will continue to support musical artists with the Giant Rock Podcast. It is clearly obvious that our Institutions have become antiquated and are literally falling apart in the world. The new wave of complete mistrust and justifiable contempt of the status quo no longer serve the needs of the common man or women and have all become adulterated by myopic and self-centered leaders. You’re invited to join the journey with the Giant Rock Podcast with Jeff Crawford.

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