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I'm a graduated "composition for the media" student at the “School of Arts Utrecht, Holland (HKU)” at the faculty "Art, Media and Technology". See: I'm a passionate composer for film music and like to make/record my own sounds. These sounds often form the base of my compositions, for example:

“Freesound” is the audio heaven that I like to visit a lot! I just started to post my own-recorded sounds too! So, check them out! Since November I work at a commercial studio as a studio engineer and assistant. We make audio for nationwide ad campaigns (sound design, music, voice-overs) See:

See also: for more of my work! I do a lot of projects with film students. The latest project coming up is a composition for silent film with live instruments, presented at the Dutch Film Festival.

If you've got any questions, please feel free to contact me:

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