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Barceloneta Sonora is a participative research project in anthropology and art about the Barceloneta neighborhood (Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain). It includes a sound map of Barceloneta, exhibitions with community artwork inspired by soundscape (Centre Cívic Barceloneta, Biblioteca Barceloneta La Fraternitat MAC Museo de Arte Contemporaneo), workshops of field recording (see Soundscape Workshops pack), research on sound memories (see Memoria Sonora pack) and sensory studies (Sensory cities pack), documentation of living culture and ICH (see packs Coros de la Barceloneta, Sounds of the fishermens’ port, Processó del Carme), as well as sound art pedagogy ethnography research dissemination activities in collaboration with Biblioteca Barceloneta La Fraternitat, Casal dels Infants, Casals de Gent Gran, schools Mediterrània and Gali, La Fàbrica del Sol, Phonos, Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya and others. Project curator: Dr. Ilaria Sartori. Please visit website and social networks for details and updates.

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