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Munich-based Anatol Locker combines his love for music and technology by diving deep into electronic music. He’s playing live improvised electronica gigs with Ambiosonics and Spheric Lounge; became part of the Indietronic band MOC; and contributed over 100 freely available tracks to the Disquiet Junto project.

Anatol collects exotic instruments like an early SID Station, Folktek’s Illuminist Garden, shortwave radios, dictaphones, and obscure Game Boy synthesizer modules. Interested in drilling deeper into experimental sound sound design, Anatol lately started with a small modular synthesizer setup, which led to a collaboration with Martha Plachetka called Lucid Grain.

anatollocker's latest sounds

  • Currently /5 Stars.

Formatted for the Makenoise Morphagene. Consists cut-up collages and nonlinear loops. Combines public domain sound snippets with electronics. Best dive ...