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Hi, I'm afamiliarletter. AKA Christopher Marlowe (my musical pseudonym/stage name for production and artist releases). I'm a musician/singer/producer/internetter living in Sacramento, CA.

I love freesound!!

And I felt I shouldn't be downloading all the wonderful files I find here without putting some up for others to use if they like. Seemed only fair to me!

Use any of my sounds free of restrictions. Everything I put on here I'm releasing into the public domain (CC 0 license). This means: you don't need to credit me, pay me, let me know how you used the sounds, etc. Also: use these commercially, noncommercially, change them, resell them. Of course I'd love to know how you use my stuff because it makes me feel good, but uploading these makes me feel good anyway when I see that people are downloading. :)

I feel that freeing these sounds from all usage and license restrictions is the most useful service I could perform in regards to somebody who likes and wants something I've put here.

If you want to hear/see/read more from me, I have a few social media accounts and a website:

Visit my site

my production-related Instagram account
my production-related Youtube channel


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