June 17th, 2015

Alien Killer From Nova-7 (Bassline Loops), made with Novakill's PISSCUTTER VSTi plugin. For these loops I played a sequence of notes and used my tweaked settings for phase distortion oscillator (PMOD), unison detuner, sound envelope and filter, pattern sweeper, VCA, random overdrive and post-mastering.

00.000 : Suspense Loop (120 bpm)
15.978 : Action Loop (240 bpm)

This Gothic/EBM-style bassline may sound similar to some of Novakill's tracks, but it is my own self-made creation ofcourse and I take pride in it that I played with the VST settings and tweaked the output for hours until I got that distinct dark acid sound which is typical for EBM tracks. My focus however is to create a more alien and futuristic sound.


I'm going to make and upload more samples of Novakill VST's in my new pack.
Check my forum topic for testing Novakill VST's.

/*\ DeClassified Information \*/

The "Nova-7 Series" is a hybrid supersoldier who looks half-alien half-human and was genetically engineered in the Nova-7 Underground Laboratories of Area 52. When operating undercover among Humans the Nova-7 resembles a tall "Man in Black" with dark shades. The Reptilian Commanders and Grey Aliens deploy this autonomous supersoldier to search and kill alien targets or terminate entire hostile alien factions. He is not used against Humans, only against other Aliens who are wanted dead. The Nova-7 hybrid is equipped with a variety of deadly alien weapons and gimmicks for surveillance to find and exterminate even the toughest alien targets, whether on the surface or deeply underground. In a highly classified mission one of these Nova-7 Alien Killers was used to infiltrate a secret alien complex, storm into every room and kill every hostile living Alien with incredible speed and deadly precision. A small one-man UFO with autopilot and cloaking abilities is always present in the vicinity to pick up the Nova-7 Alien Killer and fly him back to Base or to the next designated target or location.

Ficticious Sci-Fi Text written by Zetauri (C) 2015.

Inspired by the Bounty Hunters in X-Files TV Series:


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    grifgrif 5 years, 4 months ago

    Great attention getting tag. Want to use this for an end to a game for grandchildren.

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    Zetauri 5 years, 8 months ago

    @k4lindor No problem. I've just checked the link you provided. I've noticed that you used the loops as a "music soundtrack". Did you use the loops inside the game aswell? Also, notice that this is not a music track actually. It's 2 seamlessly repeating loops. One for suspense situation ingame, and one for action situation ingame.

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    k4lindor 5 years, 9 months ago

    We did a game, used this track and mentioned you in this link, http://gamejolt.com/games/attack-of-the-plutonians/79980 if you have any problem or trouble with that, please contact me to boeroads@gmail.com and let me notice and we will remove it. Thanks man :)


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