April 29th, 2019

Welcome to The Machine
In this clip we investigate the relationship between post-modern capitalist consumer society and commercial broadcast mind-manipulation and population control. The recording was made from a very high-end radio reception facility situated on the east coast of the United States using extremely sensitive radio receivers and specialized antenna systems capable of revealing aspects of AM radio broadcast signals not normally heard by the population.

Of particular interest is the inclusion of the "carrier" component of AM radio signals which manifests itself in the clip as an ominous, low-frequency tone accompanying every AM radio broadcast. The highly-advanced receiver used is capable of exposing this element of the signal normally kept hidden to the population. In addition, the receiving apparatus employs advanced passband capabilities to vary the audio bandwidth of the various AM radio station signals being heard, as well as to demonstrate how several AM radio stations are layered over one another on the same frequency, providing a depth to the audial experience consumed by the listener.

You will hear a medley of commercial advertisements layered upon Spanish speaking programs and 1950s music in some sections, followed by the turning of the receiver to another set of AM radio stations all layered on top of one another. The reason these aspects of post-modern capitalist mind-control appear in this recording is because of the time of day in which the recording was made (early morning between 2 to 3 AM), as well as the time of the year at which propagation on the AM radio bands is at its finest.

The clip contains elements of use to science fiction soundscapes, dark government media assets and ominous commentaries about the state of the individual versus the mass media in today's era.

Recorded by W1ZY


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    yeah that's right but its enough for in the beginning of a track

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