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[ Introduction ]

Hi, I'm Vosvoy Escat, a french dude.

I create and edit sounds for game/video/audio makers who share their creation FOR FREE (when I have the time for that).
I'm not a professional audio artist, just a sound enthusiast.

One last thing, if you want to support me, then send me feedback by PM or even by commenting my sounds. That helps me a lot.
I never accept money from the sounds I share on freesound website.

[ Equipment ]

> Recorders:

_Zoom H4n.
_Zoom F4.

> Microphones:

_The t.bone EM 9900.
_Røde NT1-A.
_Oktava Mk-012-01 MSP2 Black Matched Pair (x2 cardioid capsules).

> Accessories:

_Rycote Portable Recorder Audio Kit (Zoom H4n).
_Studio Projects SP-MS Tripod Mic Stand.
_The t.bone Tripod 2.
_Røde Boompole (with 5 Røde Boompole clips)
_Røde SM6 Suspension Kit (Røde NT1-A).
_Røde WS2 windshield (Røde NT1-A).
_Millenium MS-2003.
_Proaim BMP60 S Long Blimp Microphone Windshield.

Vosvoy's latest sounds

  • Currently /5 Stars.

Somebody reminded me of april's fools day. Well, there you go. I simply recorded about +50 samples of me clacking ...

  • Currently /5 Stars.

Risen from the dead. I simply put my stereo mic under my sofa and smashed it like a weirdo. So, ...

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  • Currently /5 Stars.

This is a stereo recording of a heartbeat. This sound can be played as a loop because there is loop ...

February 24th, 2013