October 24th, 2018

I won't claim that this is a ghost as I am sure many would debunk, only that I believe it to be. This is an EVP I found during playback for something else I recorded in Audacity with a USB condenser Mic. This happens a lot and I have quite a few. It sounds to me like a voice that is not mine is saying "Watch" I cleaned it up as much as I could but this was barely audible originally so I had to bring up the volume a lot which made the noise floor pretty loud. I did some noise reduction to make it sound cleaner.
I have personally had experiences that I believe to be supernatural but decide for yourself as you listen or use it as make believe. I have more I will upload when I can including ones from places that have been researched and said to be Haunted (taken on my phone). I have to find them but as I come across them or new ones I will share. No need to credit me, I am just sharing this for fun. It creeps me out, and gives me chills so hopefully it does the same for you Mwuah hahahahaha! Enjoy ;)

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