October 24th, 2018

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This is an effect I created with my voice to create a Demon Growl in Audacity using my Audio Technica Microphone. I wanted to create a sound that could be creepy but not too scary for kids or children's stories originally. Ominous, Creepy, Scary, Evil, Type Sound. This is the original and I uploaded another version with Paulstretch added as well. I download from this site often and want to give back! Please contact for any requests. You may use this sound for free but please credit me using either Tiffany Marz or Voices of Marz. Thank you!! Enjoy :)

Demon Monster Ghoul Ghost Troll Ogre Creepy Scary Spooky Growl Roar Halloween Scream Genii Jin Jinni Jinn Evil Genie Annoyed Mad Warlock Zombie Devil Hellish Hell Demons Zombies Ghosts Horror Monsters Alien Creature Sci-Fi Strange Voice Ominous Original Effect Mystery Fiction Fantasy Ghostly Ghoulish Fairy-Tale Villain Villainous


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    Karma-Ron 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Great growl friend. Cheers

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