July 10th, 2020

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The file is based mostly on my mystic kick, but I deleted its attack and performed low pass at 300 Hz. Do not distort the file, because you'll create harmonics.

I normalized the amplitude of the waveform on WaveLab.
The left and right channels aren't tautological. Thus only for the (new) attack region, I entered (per each channel) WaveLab Markers by zooming in and pressing the Insert keyboard button at the transitional zero-amplitude point/joint of each half-circle (but only for the first 11 ms). I was careful to select the correct points. I normalized/maximized one by one (per each channel) only the semicircles of the attack.

I copy pasted the first 11 ms at the beginning to double it. Because: 1. the channels weren't identical, and 2. the first and final semicircles looked unnatural, I applied time bend expansion only on the beginning quarter-circle and on the final quarter-circle to elongate them, I trimmed them to have the size of their mirror counterparts, and then I used smooth fade in and fade out (30% and 70% offset and not the usual 50%, because any irregularity adds extra harmonics). The two quarter-circles I created look like the mirror images of their partners, thus you can select the one you like, clone it (copy paste), and reverse it (similar result but not tautological).


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    Veiler 1 year ago

    I like it.

    Don't use it as the main kick.

    Play it few times.
    That way it's perfect.

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