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Hello! I am the Super Starving Writer (known to other humans as Alexander Trapp) and I've created a vlog series on youtube called (wait for it...) Super Starving Writer! The vlog series is completely animation based. I've also created a new web series along side of that called ÉMINA. Producing both series allows me to do things I normally couldn't do in real life! Such as...

Be handsome!

Fight Ninjas!

Meet Beautiful Women!

And Have Awesome Adventures Where I Can Live To Tell About It!

So because of that, I'll need sound effects to help give my vlog and animated series an inkling of realism. Sound is so important in any entertainment product, so I hope to be able to make use of the sound effects here in a way that makes my series memorable.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and do please check out my series. New episodes will be made every week until I suffer some kind of burnout or writer's block, or just feel the need to take a break.

Take Care,
May You Find Solace Amongst The Stars...

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