October 7th, 2020

..inside an intercity express (ICE) between Stuttgart and Mannheim, sitting in an almost empty (three passengers) second-class broad-spaced compartment at around 9 pm.

After a shaky first minute an even part follows for around 90 seconds. Interrupted by some road holes the steady sound continues, now with the frequency of the engine sound rising until the beginning of the fourth minute. Here the "main part" begins, starting with several moments of acceleration, deceleracion and breaking. From minute 5:15 to 7:35 the train reaches it's peak velocity, with only few bumps. After a short deceleration the train inceases velocity again, reaching a second peak, this time noticeably bumpier. Once in a while you can hear some element of the fitments rattling nervously along the track, depending on the constitution of the railways and the overall situation. During the last two minutes the train keeps on decelerating slowly and continuously until the end.

Recorded in stereo with a portable stereo recorder (Zoom); enhanced in Audacity using a parallel dynamic EQ (TDR Nova), a Compressor (VOS Density MKIII) and a binaural spacializer (Auburn Panagement).


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