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Psychedelic Trance Producer as Sixtant & DJ as Mister Tooh

Morning Progressive/Full On & Dark Psy. Born in Sunderland United Kingdom 1986, Raised in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, as an Emirati Citizen. Entered the World of Psychedelic Music in 2013 like a flash flood in a wadi. Self-expression & Sharing the emotions felt from this beautiful music is the key driving force for me.

Sound, Original Vibration and Energy in Motion!!

Frequencies are merely Energy Cycles that move forward in a direction to find it's way to your receptors that convert the vibrating force into electrical signals, that are then separated into the multitude of octaves and rumbles translated to sounds by our brains.

A Harmony can be created with these frequencies to form euphoric indulgent emotions.

Sound is Everything! Sound is your environment, your surroundings, your direction, and your emotional triggers!

Allow me to share the Euphoric Filled Emotions caused by the sounds I love. Share the Love & Universal Vibrations!

Let the Vibrations of my Psychedelic Sounds pleasure your Vibrational Psy-tennaes!

Before we could hear, we could only feel sound!

Sixtant's latest sounds

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