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From Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Canada, I'm a amateur sound designer. I do sound design primarily for my own radio program Cheeze Pleeze. If you're curious, check out the show's web site on my web page listing here.

We occasionally use material from here to create our soundscapes, so I like to give back to the community.

With professional radio broadcast experience, I'm turned my previous profession that went professional from a hobby, into a hobby again for fun. Whenever possible, I like to record my own FX as it gives me more control on what I want to achieve in producing my show and certainly more cost effective from the rather expensive libraries from Hollywood Edge and Sounds Ideas just to name a couple.

If I feel I can "go out and mic it myself" I will.

All material posted was recorded by me, using a variety of recorders, from my Sony minidisc in the earlier days, to my ZOOM H2 and more recently my iphone for something quick and handy. I strive to use the H2 as much as possible.

Formats and recorders as noted with the individual file.

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