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Paolo Armao is a Sound Designer with experience in producing audio contents for movies, documentaries, TV series as well as for real-time audio engines. He currently works at the multi-company organization Virtual Reality and Multi Media Park (VR&MMP;) in Turin, Italy where he is the Sound Editor for Lumiq Studios and Audio Researcher at Asa Lab, developing real-time audio systems and creating contents for multimedia and audiovisual projects. He teaches “Sound Editing and Sound Effects Design” at VR&MMP; and was a lab instructor from 2007-2009 at University of Turin and Polytechnic of Turin. His work, “Il Naturalista”, was selected for the 2009 Cannes Festival and “Virtual Electronic Poem” premiered in 2010 as a production of New York’s Electronic Music Foundation.

He studied at the University of Turin, the School Of Sound workshop (London), and seminars held by David Sonnenschein.

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