December 29th, 2011

Child Monks of Tamshing Goemba was recorded in Bhutan at the Tamshing Goemba monastery in the Jahar valley in December 2006. A very special recording for me... "As we cross the bridge to the east side of the valley and as we approach Tamshing Goemba (monastery) Chowkee the driver runs over the tail of a lazy street dog which then yelps continuously. Being the compassionate dog lover, it kind of freaks me out (the best thing I can think of is that this event might teach the dog a lesson about cars, natural selection is swift and immediate for street dogs). It also freaks outs the boy monks (aged an estimated 8-15) of Tamshing who are gathered at the gate of the monastery. We then enter into the courtyard as one of the young monks bangs a small gong signaling evening prayer. They gather before us under a portico above which is the central shrine where an elder monk is chanting and playing a drum. All the boy monks then begin reciting scripture loudly but not together and a true cacophony ensues. I begin to make a sound recording as C takes photographs. The sound is tremendous, all the while the elder monk upstairs continues un-distracted. The boy monks are being boys, shoving, teasing and laughing. They notice my microphone and begin to project their voices louder. I am able to do a 360 with the mike before being signaled by our guide Kaydo inside and we are led by a darling young 8 year old monk first to view the heavy chain mail armor of Penga Lingpa (25 Kg). Merit may be gained by wearing it and walking three times around the Goemba…"


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    RTB45 3 years, 9 months ago

    Hello Rezolutna,

    Yes definitely. Please share your piece with me once it is finished.


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    Rezolutna 3 years, 10 months ago

    wow, can I use it?


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