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Nafeu Nasir
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

PhrakturedAudio is a project of mine that's purpose is to give back to the community that has helped me develop such a love for sound design and music production in the first place. My music equipment consists of a Laptop, Casio Keyboard, Akai APC40, Akai MPKmini, a Guitar, Cubase 5, Ableton Live, a medium to small sized VST library (I mostly work with samples) and my favourite tool of all a Zoom H4N multipurpose field recorder.

I've been producing under the artist name "Phrakture" for the last 10 years (I began producing music at age 9) you can check out my work at any of the following links:

If you have any questions or comments related to sound design / music production or if you just want to give me a shout, feel free to message me on facebook at "" or email me at ""

On a side note if you happen to be a gamer, you can add me on steam at Phr4kture

PhrakturedAudio's latest sounds