January 6th, 2013


This recording was made on 5th January 2013, on the very steep and rather precarious grassy slope below the rather exposed coast path a bit south-west of Perranporth, Cornwall, which contours the main cliff slope from near Cligga Head to Droskyn Point, at which latter point you are in Perranporth proper. It was made at exactly the same spot as http://www.freesound.org/people/Philip%20Goddard/sounds/168716/, with the recorder pointing in the same direction, and with a similar but slightly bigger swell.

As in that recording, I placed the recorder on a very low drystone wall running down the slope, whose top was covered with vegetation, and the minor headland with Shag Rock almost against its tip was ahead and somewhat to the right. This grassy slope ends just a little further below, in sheer and indeed more or less undercut cliff, so that the big waves are in a state of pandemonium as they hit the cliff (invisible to me on the steep slope above).

I had an earlier start for my hike this time, owing to a more favourable hitch-hike from Exeter to Portreath, and I was aiming to squeeze in a full hour's Shag Rock recording this time before it got too dark to be sensible to continue. However, it worked out a bit differently, because once I had got this recording under way, having first done a 'with' and 'without' test with my new Rode Deadkitten windshield, I wandered down a rather vague narrow, exposed and quite precarious little track descending obliquely to the left as one faces the sea, to see if I could find a yet more interesting spot to make a recording. In particular I had noticed that very often the heaviest and most thundering breaking of waves tended to be a bit to the left of where my regular recording position was facing. Anyway, I concluded that it was worth terminating this recording and commencing another in that other position, some way down there to the left and altogether closer and more exposed to the 'action'. This recording, therefore, is a little warmer-up for you before you get hit by the second one! :-)

This recording made with a Sony PCM-M10 on a Hama mini-tripod, using the built-in microphones covered with a Rode Deadkitten. There was a force 3 to 4 breeze coming from the left, and without the windshield the wind noise was really intrusive and enough to clip at times (I cut that bit off the recording). With the Deadkitten I could not detect any wind noise at all. What a wonderful macho sort of feeling it gives me, to be able to let the world know that I'm using a dead animal to shield my microphones from the wind! :-)

http://www.broad-horizon-nature.co.uk/arrow-long-right.gif Please note that all recordings from 5th January to 2nd Feb 2013, inclusive (i.e. including this one) did not receive any correction for high-frequency attenuation caused by the new Rode Dead Kitten windshield. Subsequently I was able to work out a graphic EQ profile to apply to all recordings that used that windshield, and have applied it retrospectively - but I have no plans to go through the hassle of re-uploading here the recordings that originally missed out on that correction. Therefore, copies of recordings made in that period, including this one, which I supply on CDs or as licensed copies for commercial use, will have better sound quality and will sound clearer, more 'present', and with more precision of detail than what you hear from here.

Please note that only very good speakers / headphones with a very extended bass response will do this recording real justice. Also, it may sound unpleasantly boomy on speakers that have any sort of boominess (like my computer speakers!). Please also note that the volume level of this recording has been carefully adjusted for listening purposes, and ALL my recordings so far are meant to be listened to with a volume setting that would give a realistic level for playback of CLASSICAL music (a large but not exceptional symphony orchestra). If you have the right volume setting, you should not need to change that setting from one recording of mine to another.

(Later note: This recording - with better sound than here - is on one of my commercial CDs, and can be found in my e-Store.)

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    hartmusic 4 months, 1 week ago

    rebecca mann loves you
    philip goddaed

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    hartmusic 4 months, 1 week ago

    love your work

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    hartmusic 4 months, 1 week ago

    love it m8

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    soulcleaner 4 years, 10 months ago

    Nice work. Thank you for sharing!

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    Philip Goddard 6 years, 1 month ago

    I note the one-star rating that somebody has given this recording. When a person gives a very low rating to an at least reasonable recording, it is clear that the particular person is telling us something about him/herself and not about the respective recording.


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