June 28th, 2012

This recording is completely serendipitous, for I had no plan to record a fart at all, even though the idea did seem rather tempting because I had a juicy little flabby thing that I took to be a haemorrhoid (subsequently identified by the consultant as a prominent skin tag, not a haemorrhoid) poking out of my back end, and this, being flabby and shaped rather like a deflated sausage, vibrated merrily when I farted (i.e. like one's tongue between one's lips to 'blow a raspberry') to give a whole range of picturesque sounds that most people would consider extremely rude.

This recording is actually just a tiny clip from a recording that I made at my bedroom window in the small hours of 28th June 2012, waiting for a very distant thunderstorm to come nearer. After half an hour of no joy on that score I got up out of bed again to turn the recorder off, and as I moved about I spontaneously let out this little fart, not at all expecting that it would show up at a useful level in the recording.

In the event, because of the sensitivity and omnidirectional nature of the Sony PCM-M10's internal microphones, and that recorder's very low 'noise floor', this fart was clearly audible, even though at a very low level, even though the recorder was pointing away from me and my back end was pointing away from it, and about 2 metres away. So I clipped it out and amplified it to a 'useful' level, and you can now enjoy it if you wish, for example, as a tasty little addition to your collection of computer system sounds! :-)

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    yvonnestav 4 years, 11 months ago


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    originaltoly 6 years, 11 months ago

    You sure have a way with words Mr Goddard...

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    AlienXXX 9 years ago

    Hi Philip,

    Thank you for sharing all the 'technical' details involved in this recording :-)
    I would point out that it is a good testimony to the sensitivity and quality of the Sony PCM-M10 recorder and it's built in mics.


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