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While sound is perceived and shared in reality among individuals in a omnidirectional form, virtual reality brought the attention over isolated users that have an individual sound experience through headphones and private gaming rooms as a topic that could be overpass through a collaboration in shared spaces. This proposes a challenge for ubiquitous computing and pervasive computing opening new possibilities at the moment non research for designing interactions for users in multiples sensory channels.

Pervasive computing and ubiquitous computing theory point that digital representations (in general) must be weaved with reality, and the user must obtain valuable information in order to interact and use that information. While the classification of ubiquitous computing focus on objects and the visual and physical representation of information sound remains as a residual aspect of the interactive design.

We believe that sound plays a higher role in the interactive design, in the creation of a physical presence and the the spatial localization of the information. So it is imperative to implement new strategies centered in interactive sound for the existence of these resources actually woven into the threads of reality.

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