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Ryan Anderson is a German-American filmmaker and has extensive experience creating professional multimedia directly for brands such as Vanity Fair (Germany), spiegel.de, Abenteuer & Reisen and others. Most recently in 2015, Ryan was Artist-in-Residence in the UNESCO city of George Town, Malaysia, sponsored by a grant from Think City.


OXLAEY is a not-for-profit multimedia project. We create short videos about up-worthy people and how they express their local culture through work, beliefs, music, food, and traditions. We aspire to entertain while making a contribution towards documenting our world’s heritage. Our films are shot to be mobile-phone-sized windows on the world for modern explorers.

All OXLAEY films and unedited interviews are shared for free on the internet under a Creative Commons license. We seek to cooperate with others (media, bloggers, etc) in order to reach a larger audience and better showcase the stories and people we film.

We change the world – by setting an example that top-quality multimedia can be produced without money; by encouraging the individuals filmed in our stories through the act of filming them; and by sharing positive, authentic stories which fuel empathy and connect us with each other.

OXLAEY is led by Ryan Anderson and supported by an ever-changing group of professionals, volunteering their time and skills. You can boost the project by working with us on a short film, sharing our films with friends, or by donating gear, advertising space, lodging, a meal, or even cash.

You can contact us at oxlaey at oxlaey.com.