June 16th, 2015

Morning sounds between 5 am and 7 am from my backyard.
This is my favourite part of the day when the sun is about to rise and the nature starts waking up.
A lot of birds can be heard like house sparrows, collared doves, house martins and barn swallows. Also some swifts very far away.
Also roosters dogs and some traffic.

I recorded this sound with my nexus5 mobile phone.
The nexus5 doesn't offer stereo recording by default but with the app hi-q mp3 recorder somebody can enable stereo recording with impressive results.
It costs about 3 US dollars if I remember right but I think it deserves the money.
There is a free version which stopps after 10 minutes of recording. Then you can start it again. But this type of recording wouldn't be possible with the free version.
The only problem with this method of recording is the hiss in the recording which doesn't allow turning up the volume because by doing this the hiss is even more.
What is available here is the sound normalised at 40 percent. I think at 70 percent I can hear sounds even further away but the hiss might be annoying to some.
If somebody is able to remove the hiss without changing the quality of the recording feel free. I would like to hear the result.
I tried adobe audition and goldwave but there are always artefacts in the recording.

Feedback and comments are welcome.


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