January 5th, 2015

This is a quick fire sound I made using Qubodup's "Swing 25" Public Domain/CC0 upload on this site. It's a bamboo stick swinging, which I layered and toyed with to get the results here.

For those curious, here are the steps.

* I took the file into Reaper, and slowed the file's playback rate to 31% of the original.

* I then duplicated the file three times, for a total of 4 tracks.

* TRACK 1 (lowish gas-burner sound):
- Reverb (drum-room impulse response, a medium-sounding reverb with a slight deadness to it. In free impulse loader Reverberate LE, stretched impulse to 150% and set attack time to 0.218s).

- EQ (-8db bandpass near 200hz, rising back to 0 by the 1K mark. Low-pass applied at 5.8khz).

* TRACK 2 (lowest of sounds, like a bassy gas-burner):
- Chorus effect. That's it. (Specifically Acon Digital Multiply, a free plugin, set to the "romantic" preset).

* TRACK 3 (not as low as track 2, but closer to track 2 than 1)
- Reverb (a large hall impulse response. No adjustments, ie. no increased attack or stretching like for Track 1.)

-Chorus doubler (free plugin Duet, preset: "basic doubler." Same effect as if I had doubled the track and pitched one up 6 cents.)

- Chorus (free plugin Acon Digital Multiply, preset: "romantic.")

* TRACK 4 (most flame-thrower, whooshy of tracks.)
- Reverb (impulse response says "hall medium," but it's a thick, even echo from start to finish. Makes the sound go from its default "whoosh" to a flamethrower noise.

- Chorus doubler (Duet again, preset: basic doubler)

- Chorus (Acon Digital Multiply, preset: "romantic.")


- Compressor (TDR Kotelnikov mastering compressor, the free successor to the TDR Feedback Compressor II. Preset: Punchy. THRESH: -20.9, SOFT KNEE: -1.5, RATIO: 2:0:1, ATTACK: 7.0 ms, RELEASE PEAK: 70 ms, RELEASE RMS: 165 ms, MAKEUP: 1.5 db, OUTPUT: 2.0 db.

That's it.



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