January 15th, 2012

This is a recording of a trip between the Pyramides and Madeleine stations on line 14 of the Paris Métro (subway). Line 14 was opened in 1998 and is fully automated (driverless). It uses MP 89 CA rubber-tired trainsets (heard in this recording).

This recording differs from my other recording of the same line in that you can hear more conversation on board, the departure and arrival of two trains overlap at the beginning, and the stations are different (in particular, the arrival station is not the terminus of the line as in the other recording, so the terminus announcements are absent).

Doors and glass barriers equip the platforms at each station in order to prevent anyone from falling onto the tracks.

Approximate event times in this recording are as follows:

00:07 A train enters the station from right to left on the opposite platform.
00:27 Doors open.
00:41 Door closure warning buzzer sounds, and doors close.
00:49 Brake release.
00:51 Train departs as our train enters the station from left to right on our platform.
01:06 Doors open on our train and we board.
01:18 Buzzer sounds and doors close.
01:26 Brake release, train departs.
There are several people talking loudly in the car. From the level of the speech and the background noise you can tell that the train is fairly noisy.
02:20 Recorded announcement of upcoming station.
02:30 Station announcement repeated.
02:39 Doors open, we exit train.
02:43 Clicking noise from a suitcase being rolled of the train by someone.
02:49 Door buzzer sounds and doors close.
02:57 Brakes release, train departs.

Recorded with a Zoom H4n using built-in mics and foam windscreen, in stereo 96 kHz / 24 bits, converted to MP3 320 kbps 48 kHz 16 bits because of length.

The microphones were next to the doors on the platform, and in the center of the car at about a 45-degree angle to the doors inside the train.


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