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Hi there, I deliver awesome ready-to-use sounds. The sounds can be used in anything you can imagine, games, videos (e.g. Youtube videos), trailers, movies, soundtracks, you name it. The sounds can be used both commercially/non-commercially, but you MUST give credits to Mattias Lahoud! Also, the sounds can be redistributed, but you MUST give credits to Mattias Lahoud! To give appropriate credits, type my name as Mattias Lahoud (big or small letters, it's up to you). If you don't know where to place my name, you can for example place it under the heading SFX Creator/Sound Effects Creator in your credits.

Please note that we creators put lots of time, energy and effort to create and make these sounds. Sometimes the process can take a whole day or a week to finish one great sound product. If you enjoyed the sounds, please RATE and/or DROP a comment! It really helps!

Special thanks to:
► Each and every Freesounder that appreciates my sounds!
► klankbeeld for helping me when I've asked for guidance!
► Everybody behind Freesound for developing and maintaining such an awesome platform for sounds!
► And last but not least, Audacity®!

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/Mattias Michael Lahoud

P.S. I have to point out that I've experienced that Freesound doesn't play the uploaded sounds as should. It sounds like the uploaded sounds have reduced sound quality and some strange little sounds occuring sometimes. However, when you download the sound(s), they have the same great sound quality and no strange sounds at all, just as it was when it was uploaded! Shortly put: Freesound takes care of this, it just seems that the sound preview should not be taken for completely accurate playback (if it makes sense).

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