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TLDR: Give credits to ---> Mattias "Mattix" Lahoud. You can e.g. place my name under the heading Sounds Creator/Sounds Exporter in your Credits.

Welcome my Freesounders!

Many of you know me previously as Mattix145 or TheRealMattix, this is now my new page! ⛅

I only deliver:

READY-TO-USE sounds!
ALL my sounds have been cleaned with care! I NEVER upload raw audio.
ALL my sounds have the same dB etcetera, especially the latest ones.

I constantly do my best to improve this page and it's content. Why waste weeks, months or even years creating sounds for your needs when you can download the sounds already finished for free?

The sounds can be used in anything; games, videos (e.g. Youtube videos), movies, apps, soundtracks, you name it. My sounds can be used both commercially/non-commercially, but you MUST always give credits to Mattias "Mattix" Lahoud! Apart from that, you're good to go - you don't need to ask/wait for my permission! All this, according to the CC Attribution License that I use for each sound. However, according to the Freesound Terms of Service, you are not allowed to upload my sound(s) here on Freesound - uploading a remix/mix with my sound(s) included is however allowed (but don't forget to give credits!).

Give credits to ---> Mattias "Mattix" Lahoud. You can e.g. place my name under the heading Sounds Creator/Sounds Exporter in your Credits.

Please note that we Creators spend lots of time, energy and effort to create and finish these sounds. Sometimes the whole process of a sound product can take a day (or even a week).

If you enjoyed the sound(s), please RATE, SHARE and/or DROP a comment! It really helps!


★ My awesome followers!
★ klankbeeld!
★ Chara for the powerful fan art of The Eye!
★ Everyone behind Freesound for developing/maintaining the absolute BEST platform for sounds!

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/Mattias Michael Lahoud

P.S. For any urgent matters e.g. regarding this page and it's content: Please, send me a private message here on Freesound or e-mail me at and we'll solve it immediately.

Also, critique/feedback e.g. regarding this page and it's content is always appreciated!

Important; it is STRICTLY PROHIBITED to steal and/or claim that you created my sound(s). You can't legally put your name on a work (sound in this case) that someone else has created and/or prohibit others from using these sounds. Also, you are not legally allowed to change or remove the license/authorship information from these sounds.

All in all; you are completely free to use my sound(s) both commercially/non-commercially, as long as you always give credits to Mattias "Mattix" Lahoud for the sound(s) you've used and follow the few rules above.

One last thing; the sound quality is always better when you download the sound(s)! ⛄

Image by Mattias Michael Lahoud [2018].


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