August 12th, 2016

This is the fourth deep house style layered kick drum one-shot sample I have created for Freesound. I like to layer three to four different complementary samples together often then combining them with a synth sub layer using in this case Sonic Academy's Kick 2 plugin in Logic X.

Each layer is chosen and processed separately based on the specific amount of transient content and the frequencies that sample should be occupying; I make a high end click layer which often involves a filtered hi-hat or synth-made click for the 'beater-like' transient at the start of the sample, then a mid heavy slappy type sound that fills out the frequencies between 200Hz-1000kHz, this could be another synth layer blended with an EQ'd real kick drum sample from a break or live drum loop that adds a humanised character to the electronic sound. This is then blended with a sub layer under all of that which is a low-passed fast sine based sweep from 200Hz down to the key-tuned sub somewhere around 50hz or lower depending on the tuning.

In regard to my processing I like to keep it light, although it may come across as sounding very compressed this is simply the direct result of the way I have designed each specific sample layer with the high frequency click being very transient heavy to cut through a dense deep house mix and the sub layer being blended with some light harmonic distortion to give it some grit and an old-skool house vibe.

Anyway I've rambled enough. Enjoy!


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