January 11th, 2017

This is a 10-minute recording of fireworks being set off around me in my neighborhood on the night of 2016's New Year's Eve. The distances between the explosions vary greatly - many sound distant, some sound really close by (only a couple blocks away).

I recorded this while standing in the threshold of my house's front door with the door open. Among the exploding fireworks, you can faintly hear melting snow dripping off of my porch's roof and onto the ground - which could easily be cut out with a simple low-pass filter.

At the end of the recording our Shih-Tzu came walking down the stairs. You can faintly hear him walk on the wood floors to come up and sniff the mic until the recording cuts off. I thought it was pretty hilarious hearing him sniffing the mic in the recording, so I kept it in. :)

You may use this however you wish. I figured it could be used in a game or film as background ambience in a war setting (I was reminded of Battlefield when I was recording it) - though you'd probably want to cut out the explosions that are very obviously fireworks, haha.

The recording itself is untouched, other than me trimming the beginning and end by ~30 seconds each.

Equipment: TASCAM DR-05
Location: Everett, WA, USA
Area: neighborhood, suburban
Date: 2017-01-01
Time: 12:27 AM


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