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May 2nd, 2023
writing with PC keyboard
May 2nd, 2023
noise of brush on garment, belly-in-breathe to close t…
May 2nd, 2023
group of people climbing a gateway to climb in a boat
April 14th, 2023
Random way of choosing. a sort of wheel of fortune gam…
April 14th, 2023
a sort of Wheel of fortune game between kids or a rand…
May 21st, 2022
4 ice cubes falling in a tumbler
October 15th, 2021
Papers falling entire files faling from a table. news …
September 14th, 2021
6 minutes 20 secs of Lunch time Kitchen noises with co…
July 16th, 2021
opening a thick roll of paper (map)4 different takes. …
November 23rd, 2020
55 seconds of constant hum
June 7th, 2020
Rolling office chair on tiles sitting in chair moving …
June 7th, 2020
metal file cabinet Opening of the first drawer seach t…